Canberrian families say ‘hola’ to new bilingual preschool offering
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Canberrian families say ‘hola’ to new bilingual preschool offering

by Freya Lucas

November 09, 2021

Families in Canberra will soon be able to access bilingual education via the Spanish Australian Preschool, which will open its doors in January 2022. 


“The Spanish Australia Preschool will immerse children — both native speakers and non-native speakers — in a safe environment where they feel comfortable using Spanish and English,” Spanish Australian Preschool Director Cristina Wright told Her Canberra.


There are multiple pieces of research which show that those who are bilingual have increased empathy, better emotional intelligence, and display higher levels of critical thinking. Understanding and speaking a language other than English can assist in improving self-esteem and self-identity, potentially delay dementia and Alzheimers, and provide a greater sense of belonging.


“As passionate educators, we know how important it is for children to grow up understanding and knowing not only their own language and heritage, but also the world around them,” Ms Wright said. 


The Spanish Australia Preschool will offer education and care for children aged three years and above, four days a week, in a purposefully designed preschool environment in Red Hill. 


An initiative of Bilingual Schools Australia, the preschool will deliver the Early Years Learning Framework in a bilingual Spanish/English environment.


The preschool program is based on an approach that fosters creativity, imagination, skills, and knowledge to develop naturally, while the bilingual education program gives children opportunities for planned and unplanned play that will facilitate their growth and development of skills for life, including bilingualism, biliteracy and biculturalism.


Families and children of all language backgrounds will be welcomed at the service, with staff able to tailor the program to meet the needs of children and families depending on their existing language abilities. 


Enrolments are now open for January 2022 and beyond. For more information please see here. The original coverage of this story can be found here

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