Little Scholars founder Jae Fraser launches ECEC NFP foundation for tertiary education
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Little Scholars founder Jae Fraser launches ECEC NFP foundation for tertiary education

by Freya Lucas

November 05, 2021

Jae Fraser, Managing Director and Founder of early childhood education and care (ECEC) provider Little Scholars has launched the Fraser Foundation, a nonprofit organisation that aims to redefine education pathways by providing tailored scholarships to aspiring early learning educators.


The grants and scholarships on offer will provide successful applicants with access to, and support with tertiary studies and research in the field of early childhood education.


Mr Fraser said he hopes the foundation will help to remove barriers and encourage those passionate about a career in early childhood education to step into the space. Scholarships will be awarded to people from all backgrounds and study areas – not just high academic achievers.


“The Fraser Foundation aims to provide support in a variety of ways to cultivate the skills and qualities needed to create incredible educators, so this better future we often speak of can be realised,” Mr Fraser said.


“Teachers are arguably the most important members of our society. They give children purpose, set them up for success, and inspire them to prosper and succeed in life,” he added.


Barriers to commencing a career in ECEC may include financial hardship, remote or rural location, medical conditions and disabilities, and it’s these things he wishes to address through the creation of the Foundation. 


“We want to support and provide assistance to those who are passionate about early childhood education because we acknowledge that what we do today, with how we educate and care for children, directly impacts our future.” Mr Fraser said. 


“Out of the OECD, the Nordic countries perform best at early education, and the European countries dominate the rankings in early childhood outcomes around the world,” Mr Fraser said.


“Finland, Sweden, and Norway top the Index, thanks to sustained, long-term investments and prioritisation, as well as a much wider respect for, and appreciation of, early childhood development, which is now deeply embedded in their society – and this is our goal for ECEC in Australia,” he added.


To help achieve that goal, he is personally committing $2million over the next five years to the Fraser Foundation.


For further information, including applicant criteria and how to apply for a scholarship, please see here

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