ECEC professional development team and psychologists team up for new EAP program
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ECEC professional development team and psychologists team up for new EAP program

by Freya Lucas

October 22, 2021

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) professional development provider Phoenix Support for Educators & psychologists from Evolve Wellbeing have collaborated to develop a new Employee Assistance Program (EAP) designed exclusively for educators and teachers, addressing a much-needed gap in the sector. 


The EAP was created to support Australian early childhood educators and early childhood teachers who are tasked with the responsibility of the early childhood education of 296,000 children across 15,902 Education and care services across the country. 


Increasing educator wellbeing, a worthy initiative in itself, will likely flow onto children by way of the social and emotional benefits of an educator who is flourishing with their needs met.


Director and Principal Facilitator of Phoenix Support for Educators, Sandi Phoenix said that one of the educator’s primary roles is to support the healthy emotional and psychological wellbeing of our youngest citizens. 


“The need to focus first on Educator wellbeing has been highlighted in recent studies with the sector being described as “in crisis” as educators leave the workforce in droves,” she said. 


“The stressors of the COVID-19 pandemic have exposed existing cracks in early childhood education systems and policies. These include educator stress and burnout due to low pay and poor working conditions; lack of professional recognition; lack of professional autonomy; and poor relationships with other educators.”


In recognition of these stressors and challenges, and in the face of an absence of research and conceptual clarity around educator wellbeing making implementing strategies to support their wellbeing complicated, Ms Phoenix and Founder and Principal Psychologist of Evolve Wellbeing, Miranda Watkins worked together to come up with a tailored solution which combines  counselling from psychologists with resources, and positive psychology interventions from the Phoenix Cups 28 day Wellbeing Challenge.

Pictured: M Watkins

“We know that educator wellbeing is a serious priority at the moment, and we are looking forward to supporting the sector with this much needed mental health support initiative,” Ms Phoenix added.


The EAP will be formally launched with a free webinar, 3 ways you can do a Wellbeing Check with your team of teachers and educators, on 28 October. Register by emailing [email protected] or call 1300 361 243

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