ECEC invited to participate in Restart A Heart Day challenge
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ECEC invited to participate in Restart A Heart Day challenge

by Freya Lucas

October 14, 2021

The Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) is working together with the Michael Hughes Foundation (MHF) to encourage early childhood education and care (ECEC) professionals to participate in the Restart A Heart Day Challenge this Saturday, 16 October.


Restart A Heart Day is organised annually by the Council of Ambulance Authorities to educate and raise awareness about the seriousness of cardiac arrest with the intention of helping to improve cardiac arrest survival rates.


ACA and the MHF hopes to specifically educate and equip the early learning sector with the knowledge and the tools to allow for the best possible emergency response to cardiac arrest and first aid events.


As part of Restart A Heart Day, ACA and the MHF are encouraging early learning services to take on the #9for9 Restart a Heart Challenge this October with three simple steps:


  1. Learn CPR


Performing CPR is really easy and could one day save a life.


  1. Post a video


Film yourself performing nine CPR compressions on a pillow, teddy or stuffed toy


  1. Tag and share


Use hashtags #9for9, #CallPushShock, and #RestartAHeart and tag nine friends to do the challenge.


In Australia and around the world, many individuals are unable to recognise what a cardiac arrest is, let alone knowing how to respond and increase chances of survival.


With over 30,000 cardiac arrests happening out of hospitals each year, the data demonstrates that cardiac arrest does not discriminate – it can happen at any age in life for varying reasons.


For the person it is happening to, with every minute that passes without CPR or defibrillation intervention, survival decreases by 10 per cent. Every second counts.


Learn more about ACA’s partnership with the Michael Hughes Foundation and how they can help educate and support early learning services here.

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