OWNA’s approach to software resonates with services seeking to empower educators
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OWNA’s approach to software resonates with services seeking to empower educators

by Jason Roberts

September 13, 2021

OWNA, the all-in-one childcare management software provider, remains optimistic about the future as it continues to build momentum amongst leaders seeking to empower their educators via a platform designed to complement day to day practice as closely as possible. 


“We have spent a great deal of time working with providers and their educators to really understand how OWNA can support them to seamlessly and effectively deliver their programs to the children in their care,” Kheang-Ly CEO and Founder of OWNA said. 


“Increasingly they are looking for software that they know they can use to their benefit, that is easy to apply and has positive ripple effects not only across their service, but also outwards to families as well,” he explained. 


“This is precisely how we think about software design and implementation. Software is about empowering team members to be the best that they can and OWNA is actively pursuing that goal.”


New features and a culture of listening supports empowerment objectives 


An example of OWNA’s commitment to empowering educators is the upcoming launch of a new feature that will enable fully customisable programming and portfolio templates to be created by the educators themselves. 


“Our upcoming dynamic template feature is a direct result of feedback we have received from educators who are becoming increasingly sophisticated when it comes to digital documentation and have consistently expressed a preference to have the ability to craft their own.” Kheang added. 


“Although from a software perspective it is a very complex problem to solve, we think it’s important that we commit the resources and succeed in delivering it because at the end of the day our mission is to support our educators and help them be the best that they can be. 


The new feature will include a broad range of different types of boxes, tables, media insertions, dividers, fonts and more that educators will be able to drag and drop into a larger canvas which can then be saved for future use, redesigned if necessary and shared easily.


Future looks bright for OWNA as organisation scales up to meet sector needs


Looking ahead, the team at OWNA are excited about the prospects of serving more and more educators with increasingly empowering features that are inspired by educators, and are for educators. 


“We have always prided ourselves on our ability to listen. This is core to our DNA and is serving us incredibly well because it means we can continue to innovate and improve our offer every single day,” Kheang said. 


“And as the sector gets more used to harnessing the power of software to complement their day to day practice we can continue to help them push the boundaries that bit further and in so doing support more and more educators to achieve their practice and personal goals.”


“It’s an exciting time for us at OWNA and we look forward to continuing to build on the work we are doing with the ECEC community in the months and years ahead.”

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