One Tree Community Services excited by over $3 million in CCCF funding
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One Tree Community Services excited by over $3 million in CCCF funding

by Freya Lucas

August 05, 2021

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) provider One Tree Community Services has shared its excitement over the announcement that ten of its services will receive over three million dollars in funding from the Community Child Care Fund (CCCF) Grant opportunity. 


The funding will ensure that One Tree can continue to offer ECEC services to families “in places that need it the most”.


“Without funding our services couldn’t stay open, and early learning and care would be either unaffordable, unavailable or both. This funding has a massive impact, it allows us to support each community and each child based on their unique needs,” said Coral Callan, One Tree Executive Director. 


The Grant funding will be used to ensure the services remain open and provide consistent childcare in rural, remote, and disadvantaged communities, with the following services receiving support: 



In some of its locations One Tree is the only ECEC option available to families, with the CCCF funding representing a vital support in keeping these services running and in allowing One Tree to provide the community with high-quality childcare. 


“For many parents, low fees make childcare affordable so they can work and enjoy the economic, social and wellbeing benefits of employment,” Ms Callan explained.


In other services, the granting of the CCCF funding will allow One Tree to employ highly qualified non-local staff who are able to work in services while local people undertake ECEC qualifications with the One Tree Registered Training Organisation


“We hope our local staff will one day take over the leadership positions at the service themselves,” Ms Callan explained.


“We will also use the funding to hire staff to cover unexpected leave, planned leave and non-contact planning time for our hard-working educators.”


One Tree issued a specific acknowledgement to the Australian Government and the Department of Education, Skills and Employment for supporting its services with CCCF Grants.


More information about CCCF Grant funding is available here

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