Xplor marks launch of new NQS guide series with release of Quality Area 1 report
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Xplor marks launch of new NQS guide series with release of Quality Area 1 report

by Marketplace Editor

August 02, 2021

Childcare management software provider Xplor has released a new free report for early childhood education and care (ECEC) services to help improve ratings in Quality Area 1 of the National Quality Standard (NQS) as part of a new series of reports dedicated to supporting improvement in quality ratings.  


The “How to improve NQS Ratings in Quality Area 1” guide combines recommendations from ACECQA with practical applications using software technology to create a handy resource for ECEC service owners and educators looking for ways to improve their program and practice. 


The guide is the first in the new series of NQS guides prepared by Xplor which will see each of the seven quality areas examined in detail. 


“According to Early Years Research (EYR), the online data and research portal for the ECEC sector powered by Xplor Technologies, occupancy for centres exceeding the NQS was 65 per cent, compared to 49 per cent for those rated Working Towards NQS so there is a big incentive to drive quality improvement,” Mark Woodland, CEO of Education at Xplor explained.  


“Xplor’s programming and planning software, delivered through its Playground app, makes it straightforward to document, store, and share individual children’s development. Having all this information in one place also makes it easy for educators to review child development critically.”


“The resulting analysis and improvements implemented will further enhance each child’s development, improve ratings and support occupancy growth.”


Report details evidence based suggestions focusing on documentation and planning 


The new report builds on data gathered from EYR and seeks to provide services with a ‘one stop shop’ guide to exceeding QA1 by clarifying precisely what assessors look for when conducting their assessments as well as sharing a range of practical tips including:


  • Importance of maintaining a high NQS rating for your centre
  • Implementing approved learning frameworks for child-centred learning
  • Developing intentional and responsive teaching methods 
  • Critical reflection of child learning and development programs
  • Using software to help with documentation and parent communication 


A self-assessment checklist at the end of the downloadable document is meant to help educators work through each of the three standards under QA1 and ensure they have a clear working process for documentation, planning and sharing. 


“The importance of QA1 cannot be underestimated when it comes to delivering an ECEC program and having a comprehensive guide to exceeding it is of real value to the sector at large,” Mr Woodland said. 


“We look forward to delivering more of these timely and valuable guides as part of our broader strategy of supporting ECEC services to be the best that they can be.”


To download the free QA1 NQS guide click here


For more information and access to other resources click here.

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