New OSHC videos created to inspire environments, partnerships and program planning
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New OSHC videos created to inspire environments, partnerships and program planning

by Freya Lucas

July 26, 2021

The Community Child Care Association (CCC) has collaborated with the Victorian Department of Education and Training to create a series of three videos showcasing best practice in outside school hours care (OSHC) covering environments, partnerships with families, and program planning.


The engaging series, which features short videos packed with examples of best practice, voices of children and educator perspectives, has been designed for use by individual educators, teams, or as part of a larger session of professional development, and has been made freely available to support not only education and care professionals in Victoria, but around Australia as well. 


“We created these videos to highlight best practice in the OSHC sector,” CCC Executive Director Julie Price explained, outlining the value of the videos in providing a “behind the scenes peak” into five leading OSHC programs. 


As well as supporting existing OSHC professionals, the videos serve as an advocacy piece, showcasing the complex critical reflection undertaken by educators as they seek to create nurturing environments for children that encourage hands-on learning, creativity and out-of-the box thinking, while promoting social, emotional and physical development.


The importance of OSHC as part of a broader structure which supports families to achieve a balance between paid work and the care of their children is showcased through the video series, something Ms Price says leads to “stronger, more connected school communities. 


“As the Victorian peak body for the OSHC sector, we see the real difference OSHC makes in local communities. These videos demonstrate how high quality OSHC services create a healthier society, both now and in the future,” she added. 


To support the sustainable growth of the OSHC sector in Victoria, the Department of Education and Training has announced an Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) Establishment Grant initiative which provides funding to government primary schools that don’t have an existing OSHC program. 


This funding, Ms Price said, will create fairness for more children by supporting schools to open a new OSHC program in every community that needs one.


Round Two of the funding will close on 20 August 2021, with the Department set to provide grants to at least 150 schools, of up to $75,000 per year to support the establishment of a new OSHC service. 


To access the videos, the development of which was funded by the Department of Education and Training Victoria, please see the links below. 


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