Intellikid Systems launches new Employee Management System
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Intellikid Systems launches new Employee Management System

by Jason Roberts

July 13, 2021

Intellikid Systems (IKS), a leading provider of lead management software solutions for the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector, has confirmed the launch of an Employee Management System designed to support service leaders in their recruitment efforts. 


The solution, which has been dubbed the IKS Employee Management System, brings all of the communication and marketing automation processes found in IKS’s lead management platform to the recruitment space enabling leaders to move candidates seamlessly through the hiring journey.  


“This new system is a natural progression for us at IKS given our success in creating intuitive and effective workflow solutions that solve real and relevant challenges for early education and care (ECEC) service owners and leaders,” Jared Hall, IKS  Founder and CEO said. 


“There is no more pressing need right now across the ECEC community to have systems and processes that make recruitment of teachers and educators more effective. Workforce shortages means that securing the best candidates is that bit harder so any tool that can support recruiters is a must right now,” he added.


“We feel that the IKS Employee Management System is the ideal solution to one of the sector’s most pressing current challenges.” 


IKS Employee Management System based on CRM system experience and smarts


The IKS employee management system draws on the same workflow technologies and smarts that have been deployed in the Group’s companion CRM system with a specific focus on simplifying tracking a candidates journey from application submission to on boarding. 


The key three ways the new system will elevate hiring processes are:


  1. Candidate interviews – Candidates will be able to schedule their own interviews using the built in EMS scheduling tool

  2. Automated communications – Recruiters will be able to create a series of automated emails designed to maintain engagement at each stage of the candidates hiring journey

  3. All in one place – Every communication between the service and candidate is stored in one place in an easily viewed and understood format


“Our ability to capture the aspects of our CMS system that make it so useful and repackage to serve a new use case is incredibly exciting especially when the sector is facing such difficulties right now in attracting and securing new talent.” Mr Hall said. 


“Ultimately we want to change the game for recruitment just like we changed the game for enrolment and provide the tools for recruiters to customise and control who they are communicating with candidates and vice versa.”


“It’s a very exciting project and we look forward to making a difference in the weeks and months ahead.”

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