Intellikid Systems dynamic CRM solution empowers users to succeed and grow
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Intellikid Systems dynamic CRM solution empowers users to succeed and grow

by Jason Roberts

May 11, 2021

Intellikid Systems (IKS), a leading provider of lead management software solutions for the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector, has continued to build momentum as its dynamic CRM solution combined with its unique service manager centric philosophy resonates with customers. 


“We are really excited to see our CRM solution gain more and more traction with the ECEC community,” Jared Hall, IKS CEO said. 


“We have worked hard to ensure that it contains all of the essential foundations to support a service’s success but also to ensure that it has the dynamism and flexibility to evolve alongside its users.”


IKS, he continued, recognises that an organisation’s CRM needs may vary markedly over time, and has built a solution which is capable of growing with those changes. 


“Our priority is to ensure that IKS is not just a static lead management tool but instead is capable of evolving to meet the needs of an expanding organisation, a growing team, and also importantly a shifting market,” Mr Hall added.


Core foundation plus scope to evolve at heart of Intellikid Systems CRM solution 


Founded in 2015, IKS is a feature rich, modern and easy to use CRM platform that combines the latest in user and customer experience best practice to create a solution that resonates with ECEC owners and managers around the world. 


At the heart of the system are a range of core features that are fundamental to lead management success, including an ‘all in one place’ lead dashboard, SMS and email connectivity, a drag and drop email editor, custom forms and landing pages that can be embedded directly into service websites and a range of useful integrations. 


While the core features of IKS create a very robust foundation that allows users of all levels of experience to succeed, it is the more sophisticated features like multi site performance analytics and automated marketing features that really set Intellikid apart from its competitors, Mr Hall explained. 


“By creating features that cater for all levels of experience we enable our users to add on more and more advanced functionality as their need for it grows. This is the stand out differentiator of the IKS offer.”


Commitment to service managers comes with unlimited support 


The IKS team recognise that a commitment to grow with an organisation and its team can only be achieved if there is a commitment to building out a support function that can meet these objectives with ease. 


“Having worked as an operator for many years I know the importance of great customer support when adopting systems like a lead management platform,” Mr Hall outlined.


“That’s why we are so committed to ensuring our customers needs are always met in this important area.” 


Not only is the IKS platform one which is dynamic, responsive and robust, the Australian based customer service support is second to none. 


“We pride ourselves on the quality of our support, and strive to make sure each of our clients has their IKS environment set up and functioning in a way that supports their specific needs of their organisation,” Success Engineer Jamie McVeigh explained. 

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