Guardian Barangaroo celebrate Traditional Owners participating in Stories in the Sky

Guardian Barangaroo celebrate Traditional Owners participating in Stories in the Sky

by Freya Lucas

July 12, 2021

Children from Guardian Childcare and Education’s Barangaroo facility were recently given the chance to celebrate the Traditional Owners of the Land where their service resides, the Gadigal people, showcasing their artwork for all of Sydney to see as part of the Stories in the Sky initiative.


Katherine and Darren from the Leadlease Community and Sustainability Team came to speak with preschool children at the service about how the land looked many hundreds of years ago, and how the Gadigal people lived on the land.


The children were then asked to create two artworks that depicted the historical Indigenous culture with the theme of ‘Land’. These artworks were then turned into stencils and painted on the core of the new One Sydney Harbour tower building to live on as part of history – paying respect to the traditional people and their land.


The artworks will be temporarily visible during the construction phase of the building (for 10-12 weeks). As the floors of the building are constructed the artworks will be covered, invisible, yet a permanent part of the history of One Sydney Harbour. The artworks will then be reinterpreted as a symbol to feature on the side of the completed building.


“As Residence One rises up in the air, we want to tell the story of Barangaroo and the cultural connection to the water, land and sky… Barangaroo and her clan respected the land, only using the resources they needed,” a spokesperson from Stories in the Sky said. 


To learn more about Guardian Childcare and Education, please see here. Information about the Stories in the Sky project is available here