How KU Children’s Services selected their new Childcare Management System partner
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How KU Children’s Services selected their new Childcare Management System partner

by Jason Roberts

July 06, 2021

KU Children’s Services, the Sydney headquartered not for profit early childhood education and care (ECEC) provider, recently confirmed that Storypark Manage will be its new childcare management system (CCMS) partner, with planning for the roll out to its network of 115 services well advanced. 


“We are very excited to have reached a decision to partner with Storypark Manage as our new CCMS provider,” Chris Legg, CEO of KU Children’s Services said.


“The last nine months has been very busy as we worked through a comprehensive evaluation process to ensure that the platform was the right fit for an organisation of our size, complexity, philosophy and values.”

“For KU, Storypark Manage was definitely the preferred solution. The platform is intuitive, innovative and offers a range of valuable operational improvements to support our organisation,” she said. 


A broad range of considerations evaluated as part of assessment process


As well as examining the technical capabilities of Storypark Manage, the KU team spent a great deal of time understanding how a change in CCMS system would impact team members, both on and off the floor, and the families that had children enrolled in the service. 


“For us as an organisation we recognise how important it is to involve our teams in decisions of this nature. It’s all very well signing up to a new system that may work from a technical perspective but you also need the buy-in from the actual end users themselves,” said Lyndel Seymour, Business Operations Manager at KU. 


“What we found was that our teams were very happy to explore the new system largely because they were already familiar with the Storypark brand and product which they had grown to trust over the years.”


“This certainly made our decision much easier because we knew from a change management perspective that introducing Storypark Manage as an extension of the Storypark everyone knows and loves would be relatively straightforward,” Ms Seymour said.


KU joins growing list of providers adopting the Storypark Manage platform


“The last few months have been incredibly busy for us at Storypark Manage with the KU partnership coming quite quickly on the back of a number of other important wins such as Gowrie NSW, Junior Campus, Gowrie Queensland and Fit Kidz Early Learning centres to name a few.” Peter Dixon, Co-Founder of Storypark said.  


“It’s very clear that providers are now looking for quite a unique set of attributes when they consider a new CCMS partner. Storypark Manage means two best-in class providers (Storypark and their platform partner Xap Technologies) can deliver the level of innovation, automation, pipeline management productivity gains and family experience the sector wants.”


“We are very excited about the coming months and look forward to sharing more on new partnerships in the weeks ahead.”


Further information about Storypark Manage can be found here


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