Storypark Manage finalises “Social Impact” charter, commits to supporting vulnerable communities

Storypark Manage finalises “Social Impact” charter, commits to supporting vulnerable communities

by Jason Roberts

December 01, 2020

Storypark Manage, the recently launched childcare management system, has completed its inaugural Social Impact charter in which it commits to making its software platform available to early childhood education and care (ECEC) services in vulnerable communities that are struggling, without charging any license fees. 


This important decision reflects a commitment by the creators of the new platform, Storypark and Xap Technologies, to go ‘above and beyond’ in their efforts to make the greatest possible difference to the ECEC sector and reinvest in the communities they are a part of.


“We’re very proud to extend our investment in local communities through the Storypark Manage Social Impact Charter in partnership with Xap 2.0,” Peter Dixon, co-founder and co-CEO of Storypark said.


“As a purpose-led organisation we’ve been offering Storypark free of charge for services in vulnerable communities for years, and we’re thrilled to offer this additional support, especially in a year that’s been so hard for a lot of organisations.”


The new policy, which will come into effect 1 December 2020, will be open to any not for profit service that is located in a vulnerable community and can demonstrate it is suffering from financial stress. 


“Our objective is to target our Social Impact efforts to services that are operating in vulnerable communities and are in real need of support,” Sean Murphy, CEO of XAP, said, “That is the core of what we are trying to do here – we want to help those that most need it to continue to deliver essential ECEC services to their children and families.”


“This is also an exciting next step in the alignment of our organisations in service to the sector” Mr Dixon added.


The application process will require applicants to support their submission with documentation demonstrating their governance type, location and operational circumstances, and, if successful, will see their migration on to the Storypark Manage platform scheduled as part of the broader migration requirements of existing customers. 


For more information about free or discounted access to Storypark Manage please click here or make a direct enquiry to [email protected]