CCSA welcomes Start Strong Free Preschool program announced in NSW Budget
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CCSA welcomes Start Strong Free Preschool program announced in NSW Budget

by Freya Lucas

June 28, 2021

Community Connections Solutions Australia (CCSA) has welcomed the the NSW Government’s further support to community and mobile preschools until the end of calendar year 2022. 


$150 million in additional funding through the new Start Strong Free Preschool program, in addition to the Government’s ongoing commitment to the core Start Strong funding model, will support community and mobile preschools to deliver 600 hours of free preschool to each eligible child in 2022. 


In 2022, the program will build on the success of earlier support provided to the sector during the COVID-19 pandemic which focussed on the dual objectives of minimising costs to parents and maintaining the financial viability of preschools. 


CCSA members have reported “record enrolment levels” as a result of the COVID-19 Free Preschool funding program in 2020 and 2021. 


Given the benefits to children and their families, CCSA has been advocating for a continuation of similar levels of support post-pandemic through a structural change to funding arrangements and believes that the Start Strong Free Preschool program is an excellent first step towards achieving that goal.  


The Start Strong Free Preschool program will be an opt-in program in 2022, allowing individual preschools the opportunity to make a decision on participation that best meets their needs and those of their families.


The NSW Government has committed to working closely with the sector to finalise arrangements ahead of its implementation in 2022. 


“We look forward to working with the NSW Department of Education during this time to refine guidelines. Our common aim will be to ensure that the additional funding improves access to 600 hours of quality preschool education in 2022 for all NSW children and, most importantly, for our most vulnerable and disadvantaged children,” a CCSA representative said. 

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