Peter Pilot-Wakaisu joins Goodstart as Torres Strait Island Cultural Liaison
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Peter Pilot-Wakaisu joins Goodstart as Torres Strait Island Cultural Liaison

by Freya Lucas

June 01, 2021

Goodstart Early Learning employees from across the network will continue to benefit from the advice and experience of recently appointed Torres Strait Island Cultural Liaison, Peter Pilot-Wakaisu, who joined the organisation in April. 


Peter’s appointment, announced in line with National Reconciliation Week (27 May – 3 June), will play an important role in deepening knowledge and understanding of Torres Strait Islander culture, history and achievements across the team. 


“Goodstart is on its Stretch RAP journey which clearly outlines its path forward to support better outcomes for children, families and communities across Australia,” Mr Pilot-Wakaisu explained.


“A big part of its journey is its commitment to deepen its cultural awareness of Torres Strait Islander culture and heritage, which is unique to Aboriginal culture.


“To join Goodstart, it makes me very proud because I will be able to support Goodstarters who are on this journey of learning and together, we can achieve great things for the children in our care.”


One of the first celebrations of Torres Strait Islander culture is during National Reconciliation Week.  The celebration commemorates when the Torres Strait Island flag was officially presented to the people of the Torres Strait at the sixth Torres Strait Cultural Festival on 29 May 1992.


Mr Pilot-Wakaisu is looking forward to sharing his knowledge about Torres Strait culture. The Torres Strait culture is diverse, reflecting the five regions, with a vested interest in land and sea, and a great respect and commitment to the wellbeing of children, parents and the wider community.


“Education is seen as being imperative and the foundation for thriving future generations,” he explained.


“To join not only Australia’s largest early learning provider but a not-for-profit with a big social purpose, to ensure all Australia’s children get the best possible start in life, is very exciting.”


Prior to working with Goodstart, Mr Pilot-Wakaisu has dedicated himself to working to identify opportunities to benefit Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, with positions including Indigenous Affairs Advisor to Prime Minister and Cabinet and Program Manager for the Gur A Baradharaw Kod Torres Strait Sea and Land Council.


He brings with him a depth of knowledge and experience in Indigenous affairs, community development and programming, Indigenous employment and education, child protection and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Family Support.


Peter will also help shape Goodstart’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment initiatives to support the organisation’s ambition to become a preferred employer for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people nationally.


“We can achieve so much in the early years to affect life-long changes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, families and communities and I am looking forward to being part of this work,” he said in closing. 


For more information about Goodstart Early Learning, please see here

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