Children in Darwin’s Rural Area given handmade furniture as part of prison scheme

Children in Darwin’s Rural Area given handmade furniture as part of prison scheme

by Freya Lucas

May 19, 2021

Male prisoners working in the Northern Territory Correctional Industries at the Darwin Correctional Centre have worked to produce handmade furniture which has been gifted to children’s services in Darwin’s Rural Area as part of an ongoing skills training program run by the Northern Territory Correctional Services. 


Construction of the furniture – which includes two seated tables, a reading table and a large toy box – supports the rehabilitation of prisoners through a diverse range of education and skills training programs, including VET qualifications.


Prisoners create various items within metal fabrication, woodwork, cabinetry, production and assembly, gaining the practical experience required to complete Certificates I and II in carpentry and cabinet making.


It is hoped that by completing qualifications while incarcerated, there will be a reduction in re-offending whilst supporting prisoners to be job ready when they complete their sentence and return to the community.


Participation in the program also means former prisoners have the required skills to apply for work when local companies and councils tender for building and maintenance contracts, including projects associated with Aboriginal housing initiatives funded by the Territory and Commonwealth Governments.


As part of the Corrections commitment to give back to the community, suitable items produced by the prisoners during their training are gifted to early learning centres and preschools.


Recipients to date include Stuart Park Pre-school, Stuart Park Early Learning Centre, Bees Creek Pre-school, Steiner Early Learning Centre, Howard Springs Pre-School and Parap Pre-School.


More information about the program is available here