Xap continues to build momentum after historic milestone of winning Goodstart CMS tender
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Xap continues to build momentum after historic milestone of winning Goodstart CMS tender

by Jason Roberts

May 02, 2021

Xap, the leading early childhood education and care (ECEC) childcare management system (CMS) has confirmed momentum continues to build after their historic success in Goodstart Early Learning’s recent CMS system tender. 


Sean Murphy, CEO of Xap said “The news that Goodstart had chosen Xap to be their CMS partner was a significant milestone in the Xap journey. It has not only provided us all at Xap with a real boost but has also triggered a significant number of enquiries from leaders across the ECEC sector interested to learn more about our platform.”


“Fortunately we are in a strong position to be able to demonstrate just how special the Xap platform is and also to share some of the exciting new features and modules we will be rolling out over the course of the next few months.”


Large, medium and small providers reaching out to learn more about Xap


“What has been very notable in the last few weeks has been the wide range of organisations that have reached out to us since the Goodstart news,” Mr Murphy said.  


“We have had multiple enquiries from large providers interested to understand more about how we are able to meet the needs of an organisation such as Goodstart but also many many smaller providers who are excited to find a new CMS platform in the ECEC sector to engage with.”


“The versatility of Xap and our intense focus on ensuring that we can meet the needs of the whole of the ECEC sector, not just a portion of it, seems to be resonating really well right now which is great.”


Xap brings more than just CCS processing to it’s “all in one” platform


The Xap platform, which has been built on next generation technology with a specific focus on the user experience, is intuitive and easy to use with a range of complementary features built around its core CCS processing module. 


“As we conduct more and more demonstrations with enquiring customers it is becoming increasingly clear that a key differentiator of our platform is just how simple it is to use and effective it is at empowering team members to complete tasks quickly and efficiently,” Mr Murphy said. 


“That being said, the feedback around our extensive range of features has also been terrific. It’s important that we support team members outside of just CCS processing in a way that adds value so we can truly earn the right to call ourselves an all-in-one platform.”


Wide range of features will continue to grow through 2021 


The Xap all-in-one system includes a state of the art CCS processing platform that amongst other things eliminates any need for separate Provider Entry Points to manage processes like ACCS and has multiple simple yet effective automations to improve efficiency around family communications, documentation expiry tracking, and statement creation.


In addition, a fully integrated waitlist and CRM tool has been created that pushes the boundaries as to what is currently available in other all-in-one platforms and for customers who want it, advanced API’s are available to broaden eco systems and also create insights using data and trend analysis. 


“Our feature set is second to none in the ECEC space and is strengthened even further by our strong partnerships with organisations like Storypark who not only partner with us through our advanced API integration program but also through their very own Storypark Manage CMS platform.” Mr Murphy said. 


“The future is looking very exciting for us here at Xap and for all of our current and future customers who will make the change to our system. For any service looking to learn more about our platform all they have to do is reach out and we will take care of the rest.”

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