Goodstart announces Xap as new childcare management system provider

Goodstart announces Xap as new childcare management system provider

by Jason Roberts

April 22, 2021

Goodstart Early Learning have confirmed that Xap Technologies, and their all in one Xap 2.0 platform, will be its new childcare management system (CMS) provider in a media release.  


The decision was made after a trial of different CMS providers and marks the first such change since Goodstart was founded in 2010. 


Peter Lane, Goodstart’s Chief Information Officer described the Xap system as user friendly for centres and for families.


“Our centre teams need the best possible systems to make their day-to-day tasks as simple and efficient as possible, so that they can focus where it really matters: on children, families and their teams,” he added.


Ruchir Parekh, Xap co-founder and Director said, “This is a really exciting development for Xap and we are humbled by Goodstart’s belief in our platform, vision and culture.”


“The next nine months are going to be very busy and exciting as we support the onboarding of the entire Goodstart network onto the Xap platform and we look forward very much to working with the team to make it as seamless as possible.”


Goodstart has commenced the roll out of the new system across approximately 50 services in Western Australia with the aim to be using Xap across their entire network of around 649 services by the end of the year.