Affinity Education Advisor Jola Sung newly certified as Abecedarian Coach
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Affinity Education Advisor Jola Sung newly certified as Abecedarian Coach

by Freya Lucas

April 28, 2021

Education Advisor Jola Sung recently extended her professional expertise by completing the 3a-Abecedarian Approach Australia Practitioner, Affiliate Trainer, and Coach certifications, giving an interview to her employer, Affinity Education, about how the Abecedarian Approach Australia (known as 3a) can enhance opportunities for children and educators alike. 


Completion of this highly respected and esteemed program is a significant achievement, Affinity noted. As a certified 3a Coach, Jola is now equipped to coach and mentor Affinity Education educators in the implementation of the 3a approach across its network of centres.  


Ms Sung, who has worked in the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector for 11 years, completed her Bachelor of Early Childhood Education in 2013, continuing her professional development with a Diploma in Leadership & Management and the Abecedarian Practitioner, Affiliate and Coach certificates. She is currently studying a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. 


When asked what drew her to the 3a approach, Ms Sung explained that 3a is rooted in talking more frequently and intentionally with children in order to boost their language development and vocabulary. 


“It is supported by years of research and is proven to have a positive impact on children’s life outcomes. Children’s language and socialisation skills have a significant impact on their future development – therefore it is vital we support it intentionally in the early years,” she added. 


As a Coach, Ms Sung has access to inclusive teaching resources which she will share with centre teams through workshops and eLearn courses, and says undertaking the 3a certification will support her particularly to guide those working with children aged between birth and three years. 


For those educators who are wishing to undertake professional development, Ms Sung’s Coaching certification will allow her to deliver 3a training and support them to be certified as an Abecedarian Practitioner. 


“It’s important to amplify the significance of supporting children’s language development and socialisation in the early years and I am pleased that I am more equipped to inspire and guide our teams,” she added. 


Ms Sung was invited by Affinity to complete the Practitioner course, with training divided between the Department of Education in Cairns and the University of Melbourne (via virtual sessions). 


“The training progress has been transformative – it has added more depth and intention in the way I interpret language with young children,” Ms Sung said. 


“The Abecedarian Approach is supported by so much research, yet the specific teaching strategies we can implement to support children’s learning and development are very practical.” 


“I am honoured to be the Subject Matter Expert in the Abecedarian Approach at Affinity Education and appreciate the opportunity they have given me to become a Coach in a practice I strongly believe in. I look forward to connecting with more Educators this year virtually and face-to-face to continue learning more about effective strategies to support children’s language development.”


To learn more about the 3a approach, please see here. Information about opportunities available at Affinity Education is available here.  

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