Busy Bees launch 360 degree tours to assist families to navigate the post COVID-19 world

Busy Bees launch 360 degree tours to assist families to navigate the post COVID-19 world

by Freya Lucas

April 08, 2021

Busy Bees services across Australia are launching a new innovative initiative, offering 360 virtual tours of ten services as a way of welcoming families in while effectively managing risk. 


The new tours allow prospective families to virtually ‘walk through’ the service, and move through all areas, being able to zoom in on key information, or click circles to learn more about the service. 


“360 Tours offer our families flexibility from multiple devices, at home or work, which provides a new level of convenience and opportunities to explore the Service prior to physically visiting the Service in person and with their child,” COO Fiona Alston explained. 


“This allows families to immerse themselves in an interactive experience that enables them to observe our service’s facilities whilst providing an insight into the multiple play-based learning environments, general look and feel of the service, including the service offerings, while still capturing each service’s unique atmosphere and culture, virtually.”


The tours build on Childcare CRM data that showed that 69 per cent of families believe that contactless technology is important when selecting an early childhood education and care provider, leading Busy Bees to make efforts to cater to that need.


Feedback received from families so far has been positive, with those who are planning to move suburbs or states finding the feature useful, along with those who wish to share prospective services with friends or family members. 


Those families in states with active COVID-19 cases, or who are planning alternative care whilst in quarantine have also found the feature supportive. 


The current rollout builds on the trial undertaken in 2020 and will see the balance of the Busy Bees portfolio providing virtual tours over the year ahead.


In the process of filming the virtual tours, any personal details including photography of children were removed in order to ensure privacy was maintained.


To view an example of a 360 Busy Bees tour, please see here. For more information on Busy Bees, please visit the website, here.