“The best work of your life” - Goodstart Early Learning a standout destination for Teachers
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“The best work of your life” – Goodstart Early Learning a standout destination for Teachers

by Freya Lucas

March 23, 2021

Teachers are in high demand around Australia. With such value being placed on the complex work in this space, it’s no surprise that early childhood education and care (ECEC) providers are now working harder than ever to attract and retain high quality teachers to work with children and families in the all important first five years of life. 


In a landscape of such strong demand and competition, it can be difficult for Teachers to know which organisations they should partner with when looking for a new role. 


We recently spoke with Alex Delamere about the value and opportunities which come with working with Australia’s largest not for profit ECEC provider, Goodstart Early Learning


Recognised and valued 


While Goodstart might be Australia’s largest NFP provider, each individual is recognised and celebrated, from children, to educators, and families too. Working in a large team of like minded professionals, committed to delivering the best possible outcomes for children, Goodstart employees are supported to ensure they are able to do “the best work of their lives”.


From the time Teachers join Goodstart, they are supported with a range of professional development opportunities, including the Teacher Professional Program which is underpinned by the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers


This fantastic program includes 15 hours teacher specific induction, mentoring opportunities, working in partnership with universities for preservice teacher placements, non-contact programming time, regular professional development and a generous peer network who are keen to offer support and share their experience.


Making a genuine difference


All educators in every community make a difference to the children and families that they work with. For some communities, however, that difference can be literally life changing. 


For children and families who are living with extreme challenges, access to quality early learning and compassionate care can be transformational, and it’s here that Goodstarters are truly on the front line. 


Through its network of Enhancing Children’s Outcomes (EChO) centres, Goodstart Early Learning works with centres in  communities to enhance learning, development and wellbeing outcomes for vulnerable children, along with supporting their families and building their communities.


EChO centres are located in communities where there is a high number of children who are developmentally vulnerable, and it’s here where Teachers especially have a chance to take on a powerful role in the lives of children. 


These centres offer enhanced opportunities for children and families, above the universal base of education and care, such as additional teachers, child and family practitioners, speech pathologists, occupational therapists and social inclusion coordinators.


They also offer playgroups, visits from service providers, food rescue and re-distribution, referral and support in the local community and scholarships for eligible children, tailored to the unique needs of each community. 


Jane Whitney, Teacher at Goodstart Harristown, in Queensland’s Toowoomba had 30 of 40 children in the kindergarten program last year classed as at risk. 


“We work really hard to improve the outcomes of these children by supporting their language development and managing their emotions even before they get to kindergarten,” Jane said.


“We found by focussing this work on the pre-kindergarten children they are better prepared for kindergarten which means we can spend more time focussing on getting them ready to be successful at school.”


A day in the life of a Goodstart Teacher


Teachers at Goodstart can expect a day which is both varied and rewarding. 


Alongside the typical aspects of a teaching day, such as leading pedagogy and practice within the room, supporting children’s learning and development, and working in partnership with families, Teachers will also use their talent to ignite the amazing potential of young learners, and design “a wide landscape of learning opportunities to capture young minds and budding imaginations.”


Being a Teacher at Goodstart means there are opportunities to be creative, and to work with dedicated professionals to implement early learning pedagogy and design programs to support children’s developing independence, resilience and social and emotional wellbeing.


Benefits of size


One of the advantages of being a larger organisation is that Goodstart can offer opportunities to Teachers which will boost not only their professional standing, but have other lifestyle benefits as well. 


Teachers with Goodstart are paid above award, and have access to a range of dedicated support and guidance on a variety of topics such as safety, teaching and inclusion, delivered by centre support teams both face to face and virtually. 


There’s the option to purchase additional leave, for a greater work/life balance, discounts on insurance, travel and technology, a dedicated wellbeing program, and importantly for parents, generous discounts on childcare fees. 


The only way is up 


Goodstart recognises the value of having a passionate team which works with children and families each and every day, while also recognising the needs of its team for genuine growth and career progression. 


As a large provider, there are many opportunities for Goodstart employees to follow pathways into other areas and opportunities. Those with leadership aspirations will find themselves with pathways available into other areas and opportunities, and with a chance to explore the country, explore themselves as professionals, and deepen their knowledge of pedagogy and practice. 


Investing in their current team is a focus for Goodstart, who want to see teachers from within communities step up and be leaders. With funding available to help educators to step up into teaching roles, and with a range of opportunities to support incoming undergraduate teachers, who may not have had access to practicum placements as a result of the challenges brought about by COVID-19, Goodstart’s recruitment team are ready to support those who want to explore an employment pathway where Teachers can truly say they are in a role which makes a difference. 


To find out more about Teaching opportunities on offer with Goodstart Early Learning, please visit the website.

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