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Delegates from ECLD 2023 listen to keynote speaker Dr Anne Aly

Are you ready to Connect, Relate, and Integrate at ECLD Immersion Unplugged?

The team at Child Australia are eagerly anticipating ECLD Immersion Unplugged, an interactive, professional development experience which will be held 4 May 2024 at the Pan Pacific in Perth.

2024-03-25 08:56:27

by Freya Lucas

Care for Kids marketing panel

Care for Kids explores ECEC marketing debate – digital or traditional?

Marketing professionals in the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector came together, on Thursday 14 March, at Lightspace in Brisbane, Queensland, hearing from marketing experts Jess O’Sullivan, Dr Monica Chien, Phil Oren and Sarah Tikfesis.

2024-03-20 09:27:14

by Jason Roberts

Looking for a new start? Victoria’s extensive range of supports makes the move easy 

Victoria’s nation leading commitment to early childhood education has attracted attention and admiration from across the country. 

2022-10-25 11:26:25

by Freya Lucas

Award? Agreement? What’s the difference when it comes to ECEC pay?

Many early childhood education and care professionals can be confused when it comes to understanding their pay and entitlements, particularly when terms like “award” and “agreement” are used interchangeably by employers.

2022-10-21 09:48:43

by Freya Lucas

New Educational Leader wage allowance - How does it work?

With the recent announcement made by the Fair Work Commission that the Children’s Services Award would include a new educational leader allowance many early childhood education and care (ECEC) professionals have had questions about how the allowance will be paid.

2022-10-20 09:21:07

by Freya Lucas

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