Focus on leadership theory may be a warning sign of a problematic boss, research says

While self improvement, reflection, and deeper learning are all traits which are encouraged in the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector, new research has shown that those individuals who are deeply interested and invested in leadership theories are more likely to be narcissistic and self serving, creating toxic work environments.

2 months

by Freya Lucas

When it comes to ECEC recruitment, social media might not be such a valuable tool

Job candidates in a number of sectors and industries are often warned to check their social media profiles, and be aware of the image they are portraying to prospective employers. Photographs of late night parties, videos of reckless behaviour, and commentary about hating to come to work have all been heralded as examples of “what not to do”.

3 months

by Freya Lucas

The effective management of team members - Recruiting, rewarding and retaining

Successful centres are those who recognise the effective management of human resources as fundamental to their longevity, and thus focus their energy on ensuring staff are suitably qualified, have relevant experience and are able to maintain high levels of performance.

1 year

by Katarzyna Wieczorek-Ghisso

9 essential interview questions to help you find the perfect ECEC leader

Your service is only as strong as its leadership. Finding a good fit for the coordinator/supervisor role is make or break for establishing professionalism and setting a path towards excellence.

1 year

by Freya Lucas