ECEC workforce development initiative Thriving Futures launches Academy
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ECEC workforce development initiative Thriving Futures launches Academy

by Freya Lucas

March 23, 2021

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) workforce development initiative, Thriving Futures, has a focus on empowering regional and remote communities throughout Australia to work within ECEC and shape future generations. 


Led by Child Australia, and funded by BHP, the program supports in providing quality educators for children through the provision of training, recruitment and retention initiatives with a goal of building a sustainable workforce in areas which have been historically challenging to find staff in. 


Thriving Futures has recently seen ‘considerable interest’ from job seekers in Western Australia’s Hedland and Newman wanting to be involved in Thriving Futures, allowing for Child Australia to broaden the scope of the project to create more pathways. 


Academy provides solutions and experience 


The solution to help transition unqualified job seekers to early learning career entrants lies in the Thriving Futures “Academy” which complements the existing project by providing eligible candidates with an intensive 12-week immersion experience into the early learning sector.  


The Academy is designed to support candidates with their career decision to become an early childhood educator by providing them with an entry level opportunity to truly understand the complexities of a child’s learning and development needs, while gaining a thorough understanding of the critical importance of the Educator role.


Managed by a team of experienced early years’ consultants, trainers and mentors, the Academy offers individual support for successful candidates ranging from induction, intensive theoretical learning, practicum placement, job readiness support, and employment opportunities within local early learning centres.


The Academy will be supported by a project investment of over $1 million from BHP, and will  support the local workforce to engage in meaningful career opportunities. 


With a focus on encouraging a sustainable, highly qualified workforce with career development pathways, the Academy will provide eligible candidates with the entry level skills required to commence their professional journey.


Pathways to opportunity 


Following the successful graduation from the 12-week immersion program, Academy graduates will be offered full Scholarships to obtain the skills and qualifications alongside their career in early learning. 


The Academy is open to all applicants, specifically encouraging the Indigenous community, school leavers, parents re-entering the workforce, and mature-age workers looking to reinvigorate their careers.


“The Academy immersion experience is about empowering those interested in establishing their career in the early years,” Child Australia’s CEO Ms Tina Holtom said. 


Inaugural candidate Nadia, who holds a Bachelor of Educational Arts from Egypt, and who migrated to Australia and settled in Port Hedland post the Egyptian Revolution in 2011, is excited at the opportunity to be involved in the Thriving Futures project. 


“I believe that nothing is impossible, with study and practice, I can do anything. I’m always hungry to learn and love to share my experiences with people,” she said. 


The Thriving Futures Academy will not only encourage career entrants but will provide a Mentorship program for senior Centre leaders. To learn more, please see here

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