Victoria launches new Sleep and Settling Training initiative to support educators

Victoria launches new Sleep and Settling Training initiative to support educators

by Jason Roberts

March 10, 2021

The Victorian State Government has launched the first stage of their Maternal and Child Health workforce Sleep and Settling Training initiative heralding a significant milestone in the provision of safe sleep support across the state says child and family health service Tweddle in a media release. 


Minister of Health Martin Foley announced the initiative at the most recent MCH Conference held in late February 2021. 


The support program consists of the six online training modules, which were developed by Tweddle in partnership with the Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare, are evidence based and reflect the Department of Health’s Sleep and Settling Model of Care, including 14 factsheets in ten languages.


Director of Clinical Services and Nursing at Tweddle, Ms Kirsty Evans, said the partnership will see over 2,700 of Victoria’s Maternal and Child Health Nurse Workforce, Aboriginal Health workers, Allied Health professionals, MCH students and clinical staff working in Early Parenting Centres trained in the latest evidence based approaches.


“The Victorian Government has made a significant investment to provide additional support for families and to provide a consistent, evidence based approach to Sleep and Settling – an issue for thousands of parents.”


The Training includes eLearning modules, face to face workshops and online resources. 


Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare CEO Deb Tsorbaris said the state-of-the-art training will benefit workers and families alike.


The training will empower our maternal and child health workforces with the latest knowledge and skills in sleep and settling, in turn supporting parents and carers across Victoria to raise children with confidence.” she said.


The face to face workshops will be rolled out across Victoria from June 2021.


To learn more visit Tweddle’s website here