Childcare Valet Service introduced in Brisbane CBD to ease drop off struggles
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Childcare Valet Service introduced in Brisbane CBD to ease drop off struggles

by Freya Lucas

February 24, 2021

A first-of-its-kind valet service has been introduced to Brisbane’s CBD, designed to support families to navigate the challenges of dropping children off while navigating challenges of limited parking and crowded city streets. 


Little Scholars has introduced the service for families who use their George St campus, using a secured and central “drop and go” meeting point in the CBD, with campus educators helping children from their cars and taking them into the service to sign in and start the day. 


The practice began, Little Scholars Founder and Managing Director Jae Fraser said, when parents began returning to the CBD for work following the second wave of COVID-19 lockdowns which had left the city “deserted”.


Enrolments at George St took a hit, dropping 40 per cent as many parents worked from home, however families are now beginning to return as workplaces reopen. 


“We thought we’d help create a less stressful childcare experience for both children and parents by introducing a smoother drop off option to those who need it, and so far it’s been working exceptionally well,” Mr Fraser said.


The valet idea was sparked after the campus surveyed families at the beginning of the year and found drop off to be the most challenging element of their daily commute; requiring parking, an elevator trip, hand over of belongings and the anxious goodbye – all of which can take up to 30 minutes each morning.


Since introducing the valet service, Centre Manager Ricky Glasson explained, multiple families have noted that it makes the morning “far more enjoyable” and that children seem to be less anxious. 


Utilisation of the service is high, with many parents using it daily, while others prefer to use the option more casually. 


“For some families the service has meant they have more time to read with their children in the morning, or even grab a quick coffee before starting work,” Ms Glasson said.


The valet service is one of many that the campus offers to streamline the competing demands of parenting and professional life. Families using the service also have access to visiting professionals who can attend to their child’s needs such as dentistry, hairdressing and optometrist appointments while attending care. 


For more information please see the service’s website, here


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