Big Fat Smile has had two consecutive years with no fee increases – will others follow?

by Freya Lucas

January 22, 2021

Community services and early childhood education and care (ECEC) provider, Big Fat Smile has recently announced that fees will not increase in the first half of 2021, continuing an 18 month trend. 


The current pandemic environment “has placed a number of stressors on families, particularly on finances,” the provider said, hoping that the news will be welcomed by current families. 


Directors sitting on the Big Fat Smile Board confirmed at their last meeting that there would be no increase in fees for families until July 2021, meaning that fees at all Big Fat Smile services will have remained static for two years. 


“This is a win for families, and a positive for all children in care at a Big Fat Smile service. Big Fat Smile, as a not-for-profit organisation, is keeping a focus on the hip-pocket for families when they need it most, keeping true to our vision and values,” an announcement from the provider read


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