Where does your dollar go? Why supporting Australian made supports Australia
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Where does your dollar go? Why supporting Australian made supports Australia

by Freya Lucas

January 12, 2021

When looking at purchasing decisions after the challenging economic conditions of 2020, early childhood education and care (ECEC) services are now considering more deeply where their dollars go, and balancing out the need to have high quality, early childhood specific resources with the need to support Australian businesses and suppliers. 


Modern Teaching Aids (MTA) strikes this balance beautifully with a number of resources in their range of educational resources in art & craft, health & hygiene, outdoor play equipment, pretend & play , sand & water play and puzzles that support local businesses and manufacturers.


When looking at the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses, the National Australia Bank (NAB) noted that one of the positive outcomes of the pandemic has been a revival of some pockets of the Australian manufacturing sector. This has meant that local companies have been able to adapt and grow while also providing increased support during these challenging times.


There are categories within  the MTA range , like health and hygiene and arts and crafts, which are in constant, year round demand by services. These high use consumables represent a real opportunity for ECEC services to make a change and support Australian made products in a way which will have consistent benefits the whole year through. 


In the all important arts and crafts category, brands including Creatistics and  Educational Colours offer a range of best quality, safe and value for money art and craft resources such as paint, woodcrafts and cardboard materials which are specifically designed for use with young children. 


Designed to inspire educators and enhance children’s learning through fun, creativity and self expression, there are pencils, markers, glue, dough, clay and craft essentials available, all of which boost our local economy.


Moving to the outdoors, the importance of sourcing equipment which is tailor-made to cope with the harsh Australian sun becomes paramount, and who could understand those conditions better than an Australian manufacturer? 


In this section of MTA’s comprehensive range, you’ll find brands like Aussie Play, who incorporate the flora and fauna of our unique country in their designs, along with equipment which supports sustainability measures, like this recycling waste centre truck, made from powder coated aluminium and merbau hardwood seats. 


On a more practical note, MTA also stocks a range of cleaning and hygiene products which are made in Australia, and support services to not only be healthy and clean, but also to boost Australian jobs and keep our economy on track. 


A small change, like switching to the Cleangiene range of essential cleaning products which include surface cleaners, hand sanitisers, window cleaners, liquid soap, washing machine powders and bleach, can bring big returns not only in terms of cost savings, but also in terms of supporting a local business. 


These are just  a few  of the many categories in which MTA supports Australian owned businesses and suppliers. Visit teaching.com.au today , or reach out to your local MTA Representative to view their entire range 

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