MTA showcases the latest in innovative technology for ECEC services
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MTA showcases the latest in innovative technology for ECEC services

by Freya Lucas

March 16, 2020

The team from MTA are well known to those working in the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector, always delighting educators and approved providers with a range of resources hand picked to support them to run high quality educational programs. 


The Sector recently sat down with the MTA team to learn more about the latest tech focused products in their range, MTA’s online Early Years Curriculum resource alignment tool, and what is on the horizon for the sector. 


One new product MTA couldn’t wait to share is the award winning Rugged Robot, which is something everyone in the MTA team can’t wait to play with! The first programmable robot designed for outdoor use, Rugged is designed for “robust challenges”, and can navigate many different ECEC landscapes, including sand, grit, dirt, grass and even water. 



With simple, easy to use “press button” functions, the possibilities for expanding the curriculum by introducing Rugged are endless. 


When it comes to big sellers, MTA are fielding a lot of orders for overhead projectors, and supporting kits and accessories, proving that everything old is new again. Cubetto remains a popular favourite, along with the Blue-bot and Bee-bots

Merge Cube and VR is a relatively new product, but one which is in high demand in ECEC. For those services who are in the lucky position of having big budgets to spend, MTA said their choice in the “if we won the lotto” category would be the iOgrapher Film Making Kit and Green Screen, which would set up little learners with everything they might need to make films and digital stories using an ipad. 



Digital storytelling empowers educators and students to be confident communicators and creators of media which are essential 21st century literacy skills. It’s also a great way of documenting and showcasing learning progression and developmental milestones” an MTA representative said. 


Online Early Years Curriculum resource


In 2020, MTA relaunched their online Early Years Curriculum resource alignment tool. This resource incorporates user friendly design and functionality to simply align educational resources with curriculum learning outcomes and child developmental milestones.


Using the tool allows busy educators to browse and select resources according to their educational programming needs. The tool can also support services to incorporate high need areas from their Quality Improvement Plan, safe in the knowledge that the MTA team actively source, develop and provide resources and content for educators and children that support the learning outcomes of the EYLF and children’s developmental milestones.


MTA continues to be a source of inspiration and innovation for the education sector, providing access to all the resources needed to outfit future focused learning environments. To access their full product range, please see here

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