Bingara preschool to expand following Government grant announcement
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Bingara preschool to expand following Government grant announcement

by Freya Lucas

January 07, 2021

Gwydir Shire Council recently announced the expansion of Bingara Preschool following the successful receipt of grant funding, which will be used to extend existing preschool facilities.


As a result of the expansion, the capacity of the service will increase by 13 places each day, a welcome addition which the leaders of the service say is much needed following steadily increasing numbers over recent years.


“The ability to cater to individual needs will be vital to providing a quality educational program for all ages and stages of our children’s development during their time at Bingara Preschool,” Gwydir Shire Council’s Social Services Manager Suzy Webber said.


The addition of a new room, she continued, will not just mean the accommodation of more students but also that smaller groups of children will be able to participate in both general and specialised programs designed to cater to their needs and the different age groups attending.


“Staff will be able to allocate separate rest space for younger children or have a quieter space available for children with additional needs where previously all groups have been restricted when inside in one large space,” Ms Webber outlined.


“This is such a special project for our community,”  she continued. 


“The children of Bingara have their very first educational experience in our preschool and this funding will ensure that it will be exceptional, not only for the children but for the staff and all our extended preschool family,” she said.


Construction of the new addition, which will extend into the front yard of the grounds, will begin in early 2021.


Further information about Bingara Preschool is available here

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