Finley Early Learning Centre doubles in size with expansion works

Finley Early Learning Centre doubles in size with expansion works

by Freya Lucas

November 17, 2020

Finley Early Learning Centre, in the regional Victorian area of Shepparton, has recently doubled its capacity by adding a preschool room which caters for 20 children. 


Located at the end of the service, the renovations have added “a spacious learning and entertaining area, featuring large floor space, and a child size play kitchen”, local news source Shepparton News reported. 


Despite the challenges of COVID-19, in terms of having non essential works completed, owner Michelle McGrath said the room was now ready to be used, pending approval from the relevant authorities. 


The children, centre director Heidi McGrath said, are excited about the new space, having watched all the activity from the builders in recent months. 


The renovations are the first in a series of changes for the service, which will also see a new staff room and kitchen being added in coming years, as well as overhead shade sails to protect children from the heat of the day. 


As a result of the expansion, 14 local staff members will be employed by the service. 


‘‘We want the centre to be run with local family friendly faces, with all our staff knowing the parents and children and visa versa,’’ Heidi said. 


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