ECEC services encouraged to prepare for thunderstorm asthma season

ECEC services encouraged to prepare for thunderstorm asthma season

by Freya Lucas

November 18, 2020

The Victorian Department of Education and Training has issued a reminder to early childhood education and care (ECEC) services in the state of the increased risks posed to children by seasonal asthma, hay fever and epidemic thunderstorm asthma during the grass pollen season, which takes place between October and December.


Some of the important steps that services can take to ensure staff and children are safe during the thunderstorm asthma season include:


  • Ensure that asthma action plans or hay fever treatment plans are up to date 
  • Encourage those children and staff with a history of asthma or seasonal hay fever to see a GP to develop a treatment plan if they don’t have one
  • Make sure the service has an asthma emergency kit with in date reliever medication easily accessible 
  • ensure that at least one staff member is trained in asthma first aid at all times and places that your service is operating
  • Monitor the VicEmergency App and on days when there is a heightened risk of thunderstorm asthma, avoid being outside and ensure windows and doors are closed until the risk reduces.


There is further information available from Asthma Australia, who offer a free online learning course on thunderstorm asthma, and the Better Health Channel, who have information available on epidemic thunderstorm asthma.