Future Tracks seeks ECEC input to shape the future of professional development
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Future Tracks seeks ECEC input to shape the future of professional development

by Freya Lucas

October 15, 2020

Future Tracks, an initiative of The Front Project, is seeking the input of those working in all facets of the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector, in an effort to ensure that new programs are developed with improved content and modes of delivery which best meet the needs of the sector. 


As well as learning more about where professional development should be driven in the future, the survey seeks to develop further understanding of “lessons learned” by the previous experiences of those who have undertaken further learning in the education and care sector.


The survey dovetails with the advocacy message of The Front Project, which strives to ensure all children have access to quality early learning, recognising that “one of the strongest drivers of quality comes from having great teachers.”


Future Tracks, a spokesperson said, “was established to work closely with the early learning community to make sure they have the support they need to create life-long impacts for children.”


CEO Lucy Davidson said the timing of the initiative was linked with the challenges of 2020, and recognised “how many different skills educators and teachers use every day”. 


“We know how busy teachers and educators are, and want to understand how PD could work better for them, and deliver what they need to bring the best experiences they can to children at their services,” Ms Davidson said.


“This could be new ways of working with children who need additional support to overcome vulnerabilities, more effective ways of communicating with parents or tools to take the next step in their careers.”


Ensuring that educators and teachers from all contexts are represented in the findings is especially important to Future Tracks, who want to hear from “teachers and educators at all levels of their career, from brand new to the workforce, to leaders in centres”, and to ensure diverse representation from large and small services, long day care and community kindergartens. 


To be part of shaping the future of professional development in the ECEC sector, and to advocate for courses which are energising, meaningful and ready-to-use please complete the survey, here. 

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