Orange Preschool children have their artwork showcased in a unique, sustainable way

Orange Preschool children have their artwork showcased in a unique, sustainable way

by Freya Lucas

October 12, 2020

While many parents and families with young children use the family fridge to showcase their children’s artworks, the children at Orange Preschool have found a more unique and sustainable way to show off their creativity. 


Once the educators at the service saw the calibre of the work the children were producing, they decided the children’s art should be preserved, and then commissioned artists Jenny and Dave Shea, renowned for their work with scrap metal sculpture, to bring the work to life. 


The team at Eight Lane worked together with Orange Preschool to ensure that the sculptures were truly representative of the children’s vision, which preschool director Sonya Murphy said was an important part of bringing beauty and art to the outdoor environment.

“The reaction from our children and families has been wonderful,” she told local publication Central Western Daily.


“The children are proud of what we have done together and we are proud to highlight the art of very talented people in our own community.”


To guide the sculpture making process, the children put forward drawings and clay designs, with the resulting sculptures of koalas, Indian warriors, owls and other reptiles now displayed around the preschool’s gardens.


As well as inspiring the sculptors, the process has reminded the educator tem of just how capable the children are in terms of sharing their ideas, and understanding the importance of using recycled materials in a thoughtful and considered way. 


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