Time to get creative, Bendigo preschoolers say, cooking up a doggy feast

Time to get creative, Bendigo preschoolers say, cooking up a doggy feast

by Freya Lucas

October 08, 2020

The children and staff from Bendigo Preschool faced a dilemma recently when they were not able to enjoy their usual favourite activity of cooking and eating together, as a result of COVID-19 restrictions. 


Not to be deterred, the children instead whipped up some delicious treats for the residents of the Bendigo Animal Relief Centre (BARC), sending nine packets of biscuits to some very happy dogs. 


Teacher Lisa Paxton spoke to local publication The Bendigo Advertiser, saying her brainwave was brought to life with the cooperation of BARC, who were “very interested” in the idea.


Ms Paxton said that community outreach was nothing new for the preschool, but this project gave children to enjoy the cooking they love so much, as well as “blessing the community”. 


The children and their families carefully crafted peanut butter and pumpkin treats, apple crunch pupcakes, apple and cinnamon dog treats, and cheesy dog biscuits, which the dogs are said to have loved.


Families reported that the children loved being able to do a good deed for their furry friends, and that the cooking experience was a way for them to work together during the tricky time of lockdown. 


With restrictions in regional Victoria easing at the end of Term Three, the bulk of Ms Paxton’s children had returned to preschool, which she said was lovely. 


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