October is National Safe Work Month - work safely through COVID-19

October is National Safe Work Month – work safely through COVID-19

by Freya Lucas

October 06, 2020

During October, Australians are reminded of the importance of work health and safety as the country faces the ongoing challenge of COVID-19 through the promotion of National Safe Work Month.


The 2020 Work Health and Safety through COVID-19acknowledges and reflects the impacts of COVID-19 on Australian workplaces.


“The global COVID-19 pandemic has seen Australian workplaces facing new challenges which have affected all aspects of their operations, from new physical distancing, hygiene and cleaning requirements to innovations in the way they do their work,” Safe Work Australia Chair Diane Smith-Gander AO said.


COVID-19 has also put a spotlight on other work health and safety risks, most notably from the large increase in numbers of people working differently such as from home, she added. 


“What we’ve seen this year is just how central work health and safety is and the significant role it plays in protecting the ability of Australian businesses to operate,” Ms Smith-Gander said. 


“Safety at work affects everyone – workers, their families, businesses, and our community. All workers have the right to a healthy and safe working environment, and no work-related injury, illness or death is acceptable,” she added.


Safe Work Australia Chief Executive Officer Michelle Baxter said the awareness raising month of October provided a valuable opportunity to remind Australian workplaces to keep work health and safety a top priority.


For those wishing to take part in National Safe Work Month and show their ongoing commitment to health and safety at work, through COVID-19 and beyond, the National Safe Work Month campaign kit is available online now and has a suite of resources to help support and promote safety at work.


“Whatever the industry or workplace, every organisation can take part in National Safe Work Month and champion work health and safety,” Ms Baxter said.


National Safe Work Month is led by Safe Work Australia and supported by initiatives across Australia from Safe Work Australia Members and their representative organisations, including Commonwealth, state and territory governments and worker and employer representatives.


For more information, and to access the National Safe Work Month campaign kit, please visit the website, here