FDC educator banned from practicing for 12 months, sent to anger management training

FDC educator banned from practicing for 12 months, sent to anger management training

by Freya Lucas

September 17, 2020

A family day care (FDC) educator has been directed to undertake anger management classes by the Queensland Regulatory Authority, the Department of Education, Early Childhood Education and Care following a breach of sections 166(4) and 167(3) of the Education and Care Services National Law, Offence to use inappropriate discipline and Offence relating to the protection of children from harm and hazard. 


The enforceable undertaking also bans the educator from holding the position of FDC educator at any FDC service for 12 months, and directs the educator to enrol in, and complete, the following modules, at their own expense: 


  1.     Managing challenging exchanges module (Early Childhood Australia)
  2.     Stress Management – Paramount Training
  3.     Anger Management – Paramount Training
  4.     Managing workplace anxiety – Paramount Training


The educator must provide evidence of enrolment in the four courses within four months of the date of the enforceable undertaking, and must complete the modules within six months of enrolment. 


A lead educator at a centre based service in Queensland received a similar directive from the Regulatory Authority in relation to an incident in May, where the educator was found to have breached section 166(3) of the Education and Care Services National Law – Offence to use inappropriate discipline. 


In the second instance, as well as being directed to undertake the courses listed above, the educator was asked to complete the advanced safe sleeping for early childhood educators course provided by Red Nose, and must notify her employer within seven days of the enforceable undertaking, notify future employers within the education and care sector of the enforceable undertaking, while it is in effect, and refrain from holding the position of lead educator or responsible person of an education and care service for 12 months following the enforceable undertaking.


A complete list of publicly available compliance actions in the state of Queensland is available on the Department’s website, here