New eLearning tools help educators change the way they talk about parenting

New eLearning tools help educators change the way they talk about parenting

by Freya Lucas

August 28, 2020

The Parenting Research Centre has released a series of free eLearning modules designed to help change the narrative around parenting in Australia in a way that better supports children and families to thrive. 


Released as part of the Reframing Parenting project, the eLearning modules may also support those working in early childhood education and care (ECEC) to have more productive conversations with parents about the trials and triumphs they face throughout their journey with their children. 


Developed with support from the Department of Social Services, and alongside the Frameworks Institute, the eLearning modules are based on research involving more than 7500 Australians, with a core component of this work being to assist professionals and organisations that work with families to become skilled and confident at implementing the Reframing Parenting findings. 


The modules are free of charge to anyone who is interested in learning more about effectively framing communications on parenting and parenting support.  


Annette Michaux, Director of Policy & Practice at the Parenting Research Centre says the Reframing Parenting research “has the potential to transform the way parents are supported in Australia, and in doing so make sure more children have the support they need to thrive.” 


“This training is designed for anyone whose work focuses on children and families – be they teachers, policy makers or community service professionals. We hope it will challenge commonly held ideas and promote ways of talking about parenting that is more effective in engaging and equipping parents to support their childrens’ healthy development” she added. 


For more information on Reframing Parenting and to access the modules visit: