“Back to basics” approach for Cumberland Council could see ECEC services outsourced

by Freya Lucas

August 11, 2020

Cumberland City Council, located in Western Sydney, has released an economic statement outlining a number of actions to address its financial situation, including exploring the way in which the council offers early childhood education and care (ECEC) services


Swimming centres, ECEC services, senior’s living units and other assets such as the Holroyd Centre and Auburn Golf Course are among the areas being explored as Council works to find savings and ensure its long-term economic viability.


Hamish McNulty, General Manager for the council, said the financial pressures experienced by the Council are “well known” and that measures were being considered to support the council in reaching $4.5 million in savings, and to further reduce the cost of services by 10 per cent. 


“Our focus is on a ‘back to basics’ approach to ensure that our available resources are spent on Council services that are important to the community, including essential services, critical works and infrastructure. We also need to ensure that those services are delivered in the most cost effective way possible,” Mr McNulty said.


The amalgamation process which created the council, as well as the financial crisis created by COVID-19 are shown in the update as being the two key factors which have negatively impacted the Council’s financial situation.


Read the Economic Statement here.