CELA urge Tehan to consider community NFP and small providers in announcement

CELA urge Tehan to consider community NFP and small providers in announcement

by Freya Lucas

August 05, 2020

Michele Carnegie, CEO of Community Early Learning Australia (CELA) has called for urgent consideration of small and community not-for-profit providers that “don’t have the resources to simply bounce back”. 


“If we lose these providers, they will be gone forever,” she said, adding that many “distressed providers” have reached out to CELA, concerned that they will not be viable if their numbers reduce to five or ten per cent as of Thursday. 


“Our not for profit community and small providers have already expended their reserves in the last lockdown. Their casuals left their employment. They are telling us they have nothing left to carry them through,” Ms Carnegie added.


“It is important the Government listens and responds to a range of early learning providers,” she said, sharing her communications with Minister Tehan earlier this week highlighting the very likely scenario that centres will need to stand down workers as of Thursday, and the impact this will have on both the female dominated workforce and on children and families. 


There is also a pressing risk that centres will close immediately and not meet the current needs of essential workers, Ms Carnegie said. 


CELA is urgently asking the Minister to announce the details of the Triple Guarantee and at minimum, increase the current 25 per cent transition package to 50 per cent on top of the Child Care Subsidy. 


“This is vital to support services to keep their doors open, engage educators in outreach to children who cannot attend, and play an integral role in rebuilding the economy once the lockdown eases.”


The Sector will continue to cover announcements and policy changes as they come to light. To access all relevant statements and transcripts from the Victorian Government, please see here.