Little Scholars eyes 2036 with launch of parent driven vision and values program
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Little Scholars eyes 2036 with launch of parent driven vision and values program

by Freya Lucas

June 16, 2020

Little Scholars School of Early Learning have launched an innovative project collaborating with parents to develop and deliver a program which integrates parents’ future hopes and dreams for their children into the learning curriculum across all of their nine centres.


The 2036 Project will integrate parent feedback into the children’s learning experiences at each centre, focusing on personal qualities like ‘resilience’ and ‘kindness’, over traditional career titles.


Founder and Managing Director of Little Scholars Jae Fraser says the project is inspired by the success of community-based childcare models found in Finland, and has been a life-long goal fuelled by his passion for improving the world via quality education and care.


“Across all of our campuses, we’re working with families and educators to create a vision for what we want the world to look like in 2036…when the children currently in our care will be adults and active participants in the community,” Mr Fraser said.


The program has been introduced to enrolled families, and the process of collecting their feedback has begun. The feedback shared by the parents has been collated in Wordles, which are displayed in each service as a reminder of the vision to hand. 


With plans to officially launch the project in July with a time-capsule burial ceremony at their Burleigh Heads campus, Little Scholars will be repeating the legacy project on a three year cycle, as new children begin their learning journeys.


Mr Fraser said the Little Scholars team are “committed to instilling the confidence and knowledge in our future generations that we have the power to make great change and lasting positive impact in this world.” 


Children from each Little Scholars campus will be chosen to become ‘2036 Ambassadors’, and invited to the official launch to take part in the burying of a time capsule – with the hopes that in 2036 those same children will return to unearth the time capsule.


For more information on The 2036 Project and Little Scholars School of Early Learning, please see here

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