KindyNow data uncovers ten most common illnesses keeping children absent from care

by Freya Lucas

June 05, 2020

Using data collated from 600+ services using the KindyNow platform, the service provider has compiled a list of the ten most common illnesses which prevent children from attending early childhood education and care (ECEC) services.


The data was collected over winter, a season when  infections, viruses and bugs are more prominent, and came from more than 11,000 childcare bookings that were marked as absent due to illness in the KindyNow system.


From the list of more than 70 medical reasons for non attendance, the following ten common illnesses recorded were: 


  1. Common Cold
  1. Fever
  1. Cough
  1. Conjunctivitis
  1. Influenza (Flu)
  1. Viral Infection (Other)
  1. Hand, Foot and Mouth
  1. Ear Infection
  1. Gastroenteritis (Gastro)
  1. Vomiting


Collectively, the ten ailments listed above accounted for 61 per cent of absences from education and care settings.


The graph below shows the top ten illnesses and what percentage of the absent bookings each illness was responsible for.


“It’s incredibly important to identify in advance which illnesses are likely to impact your service so you can effectively prepare your staff and resources” Bridie McNally from Kindy Now said. 


In 2020, the trend toward increased absences as a result of illness has surged as an advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. Already this year over 150,000 childcare bookings have been marked as absent with KindyNow, a figure which the provider says “continues to grow.”


More information about managing illness in ECEC settings may be found here