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Big Fat Smile platform tailored to support children

by Freya Lucas

May 13, 2020

In response to COVID-19, Big Fat Smile, a leading provider of early learning and care and recreation services launched an online home learning program, known as @Home with Big Fat Smile


The program aims to support families to assist in the learning development of their children in the home environment through participating in a range of educational, fun and engaging learning experiences at home alongside their children to support their learning, development and wellbeing. 


Developed by Big Fat Smile’s Pedagogical Thinker in Residence, Dr Michele Peden, the program is not only about providing activities for children, but also about increasing families’ understanding and confidence on how to implement play-based learning opportunities within a home environment, something Dr Peden said may be “very new” for some families. 


There are enormous advantages and developmental opportunities which arise from play-based learning, the Provider said, noting that play enables children to develop their physical, social, emotional, language and cognitive skills. 


Guidance to families is given through the program about how to provide holistic educational experiences that cover all areas of development. 


Each week, a team of educational experts share with families a range of play-based experiences that are suitable for a home learning environment. These experiences incorporate educational concepts such as literacy, science, maths, technology and the arts, appropriate for all ages from birth – 12 years of age.


The content of the program includes Experience Activity Cards, which offer simple, cost effective and age appropriate activities and experiences which families can implement to aid their child’s learning and development, as well as tips and tricks on creating positive home learning environments.


New content has been added to the program since it launched in early April, including educational videos showcasing content such as stories being read aloud, singing, physical activity ideas, visual arts and cultural activities. 

The program also includes a child-centric component where children can contribute and share ideas. 


While Big Fat Smile services remain open and continue to deliver quality early learning and out of school hours care, supporting essential workers, those families who choose to stay at home are supported through the platform, which is accessible to all. 


The resources may be found here. For more information about the work of Big Fat Smile, please see here. 

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