Free early childhood education for three-year-olds in the ACT starts this year

by Freya Lucas

January 23

The first group of three-year-old children in the Australian Capital Territory will commence publicly-funded early childhood education this year.


“We are moving towards delivering 15 hours per week, totalling 600 hours per year of free, universal quality early childhood education for three-year-olds,” a spokesperson for the ACT Education Directorate said. 


Eligible families will be contacted directly to participate in the roll out of the 300 targeted placements, with up to 100 places also be available for three year-olds at Koori Preschool.


“Well-established research has shown that the period from birth through to eight years, especially the first three years, sets the foundation for every child’s social, physical, emotional and cognitive development,” the spokesperson said. 


Expanding early childhood education to three-year-olds is an important part of the ACT Government’s Early Childhood Strategy and contributes to providing equitable access to high-quality early childhood education across Canberra, they added.


More information about the rollout is available in the Education Directorate’s Early Childhood strategy, here