Help is on the way for QLD OSHC services supporting the fight against cyberbullying
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Help is on the way for QLD OSHC services supporting the fight against cyberbullying

by Freya Lucas

December 12, 2019

The Queensland Government announced yesterday that it would fund a full-time cyberbullying consultant for Parentline, to provide more support to parents and carers seeking to protect young people from online bullying. 


The announcement is likely to be of interest to those who are working with children in outside school hours care (ECEC) settings in Queensland, both in terms of reflecting on how such bullying is prevented and discussed in service, but also in terms of being knowledgeable about the range of supports available to families seeking advice and support.  


Queensland Minister for Child Safety, Youth and Women Di Farmer said yourtown would receive $440,000 to employ a full time consultant through to 30 June 2023. The incumbent would be responsible for delivering against the Parentline Cyberbullying Initiative, she said. 


“Parentline is the only service in Queensland that provides free professional and confidential counselling, education and support to parents and carers, no matter where they live, and having a full-time cyberbullying consultant will help strengthen the support they provide,” Ms Farmer noted.


In addition to employing a full-time consultant, yourtown will train new and existing Parentline and Kids Helpline counsellors about the impact of cyberbullying and develop new resources for Queensland parents, schools and community organisations. 


State-wide online information sessions and tailored workshops in communities who require support in relation to specific incidents will also be offered under the funding stream, which was welcomed by yourtown CEO Tracy Adams. 


“Frequently parents share with us that they fear their children know more than they do about the online environment, and feel lacking when it comes to keeping pace with change or protecting their children from harm or from causing distress to others,” Ms Adams said.


“We also know from parents that it can be challenging to find information and resources to support them in that space.We will certainly be aiming to develop resources for parents and carers which really support them, whether they are delivered through our website, social platforms or face-to-face events.” 


More information about yourtown is available on their website.

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