UNU scores $20,000 in extra entitlements for Tasmanian educators
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UNU scores $20,000 in extra entitlements for Tasmanian educators

by Freya Lucas

December 09, 2019

The United Workers Union (an amalgamated union which includes the union previously known as United Voice) has reportedly secured $20,000 in entitlements for two early childhood educators who worked for a northern Tasmanian childcare centre that has now closed, local news source The Examiner has reported


Speaking on behalf of United Workers Union, Jannette Armstrong said the educators had “won against this significant underpayment,” which related to an alleged failure to include all years of service and to include pro-rata long service leave. 


On top of the original redundancy payment, the union was able to recover $11,118 and $8,221 for the two workers which, according to the union, represented a 50 per cent underpayment of what they were entitled to, The Examiner said. 


Further issues, described by Ms Armstrong as “wage theft” were uncovered by United Workers who identified that neither of the members had received annual leave loading and one of the members had been paid less than the applicable rate under the Children’s Services Award 2010.


One of the workers, who declined to be named, had worked at the service for nearly ten years when it was closed. She outlined that once the centre’s closure was announced, she was only given a redundancy payment that recognised the years of service for the former owner, and not for her entirety of service at the centre. 


“I went to my union questioning how this could be, when I’d worked there for so long. It’s important to know your rights and to not give up,” she said. 


To read the full coverage of this story, as written by The Examiner, please see here. 

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