Bamboo for Bilinga - new Edge Early Learning centre has sustainable underpinnings

Bamboo for Bilinga – new Edge Early Learning centre has sustainable underpinnings

by Freya Lucas

December 02, 2019

Edge Early Learning will open a new centre in the Gold Coast suburb of Bilinga later this month that will be one of the first in the Edge network to embed sustainable practices from opening through the use of eco-friendly wipes and nappies. 


The products to be used are made from 100 per cent bamboo, an Edge spokesperson said, making them biodegradable “and therefore more sustainable than regular nappies, which go straight into landfill”. 


Annie Bryce, Edge Early Learning CEO, said the move to sustainable products was part of broader organisational priorities. 


“We have been planning to switch to more sustainable products for quite some time, and the opening of our Bilinga centre is the perfect opportunity to introduce this change, which will carry across to all of our Queensland-based centres in due course, and be introduced into all new Edge centres opening in 2020,” Ms Bryce said.


As well as being a more environmentally friendly option, she noted that the products are also “perfect for children with sensitive skin” given their natural composition. 


As part of the initiative to move toward sustainability, Edge Early Learning also plan on swapping to plant-based cleaning products and including end-to-end recycling programs in all centres, the spokesperson noted.  


The Edge network will also be incorporating vegetable gardens, worm farms and compost bins into their educational programs to help teach children about the importance of sustainability.


Edge Early Learning currently have eleven centres spread across south east Queensland, including three on the Gold Coast, six in Brisbane, and three centres on the Sunshine Coast.


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