Leopold ECEC educator showcases positive psychology in Channel 9 screening

Leopold ECEC educator showcases positive psychology in Channel 9 screening

by Freya Lucas

November 04, 2019

City of Greater Geelong Early Childhood Educator Michelle Travers showed off the amazing work happening at Leopold Community Hub Kindergarten over the weekend, via Channel 9 television program Destination Happiness.


The Destination Happiness program is designed to serve as a resource for “finding tips and tools for uplifting your life from the inside out, through gratitude, kindness, mindfulness and other relaxation methods”. 


Ms Travers was featured on the program to show how her watching the show had encouraged her to introduce positive psychology, gratitude, and kindness into her practice at home and work, speaking about the benefits for both children and staff.  


As well as benefiting the kindergarten students, the positive impact from Destination Happiness has extended to include the Kindergarten children’s grade 5 buddies from Leopold Primary School who practice kindness with the kindergarteners, help their development in reading and writing, and ease their transition into primary school.


Greater Geelong Mayor Stephanie Asher congratulated Ms Travers, saying her dedication in implementing these positive tools and methods will inspire the children to practice now and into the future. 


The episode featuring Ms Travers aired 2 November 2020, with an extended version soon to air on the Destination Happiness YouTube channel.