NT showcases early childhood educators at Education and Care Awards night

by Freya Lucas

October 21, 2019

The Northern Territory Education and Care Awards were held at Parliament House over the weekend, showcasing outstanding achievements in early childhood education. 


The awards “recognise people and programs delivering outstanding early childhood services that have a significant influence on the crucial early years of children’s lives and sets them up to reach their full potential.”


Nominations for this years awards topped 90, showing a growing awareness within the NT of the importance of the period from birth to five years of age for children, and the importance of recognising the professionals who are contributing to bright futures for Territory children.


Winners, shown below, receive a scholarship to contribute to their professional development, with NT Minister for Education Selena Uibo quick to congratulate both winners and nominees for “the outstanding work they are doing in helping our children achieve bright futures”.


The 2019 Northern Territory Education and Care Award recipients are:



More information about early childhood services, provided by the Northern Territory Department of Education, may be found here.