Changes to Vic teacher registration and reporting obligations - attention ECEC managers

Changes to Vic teacher registration and reporting obligations – attention ECEC managers

by Freya Lucas

August 23, 2019

The Victorian Government has recently amended the Education and Training Reform Act (2006) to protect the safety and wellbeing of children and young people in schools and education and care services. Several of the changes enacted will directly impact those working in early childhood education and care (ECEC) contexts.


In summary, the changes require:




  • VIT to closely align its registration scheme with the WWC Check scheme. This scheme assesses applicants who apply for a Working with Children Check (WWC Check) to enable them to engage in child-related work.


Actions for ECEC managers

Early childhood managers must continue to notify VIT of any action taken against a registered teacher that may be relevant to the teacher’s fitness to teach. Changes which come into effect from 1 September 2019 dictate that they must also notify VIT if the registered teacher has been charged, convicted or found guilty of category A & B offences, or if they have received a negative notice from WWCCV.


Actions for registered teachers

Registered teachers must continue to notify VIT of their change of name or contact details, and when they commence and cease employment at a school or early childhood service. From 1 September 2019, registered teachers will also be required to notify VIT if they are committed for trial or have been convicted or found guilty of category A & B offences, indictable offences, common assault and aggravated assault.


Registered teachers will continue to be exempt from a WWC Check as long as their registration is current (i.e. it has not been suspended or cancelled by VIT). However, from 1 September 2019, registered teachers must notify WWCCV of any organisation(s) at which they are engaging in child-related work (whether paid or voluntary) outside of their teaching position. If a teacher’s registration is suspended or cancelled by VIT, WWCCV will inform the organisations listed that the teacher exemption no longer applies.


New registration scheme to commence 1 September 2019

Currently VIT assesses the suitability of a person to become registered, and remain registered, as a teacher in Victoria. 


From 1 September 2019, the way in which VIT registers and regulates teachers in Victoria will more closely align with the way in which WWCCV assess whether a person can be issued with an assessment notice that permits them to engage in child related work.


The revised assessments will commence during the annual registration period, and will apply to all new applications for registration from 1 September 2019.


For more information on these new requirements in Victoria, you can access VIT’s news item, Teacher Factsheet and Employer Factsheet and visit their website.