National enforcement register shows tough stance: 277 operators added since 2018

National enforcement register shows tough stance: 277 operators added since 2018

by Freya Lucas

August 05, 2019

Ten approved providers have had their approvals cancelled or suspended in the first three months of 2019, in what Federal Minister for Education Dan Tehan is describing as a show of strength, saying “The Morrison Government does not tolerate dodgy childcare providers”.


Mr Tehan described compliance checks as “an important part of the new Child Care Subsidy”, and a core component of ensuring that “families can access high-quality, affordable childcare”. 


Confirming that the Government is giving increased attention to the family day care (FDC) sector, Mr Tehan said “the Government is looking closely at the fees charged by FDC providers. We have already cancelled or suspended more than a quarter of all FDC services.” 


Mr Tehan vowed that the Australian Government will “continue to ensure that the system isn’t being exploited by unscrupulous providers”.


Suspensions and cancellations in the 2017-2018 period were increased substantially from previous years, with 3,900 compliance checks, 217 service cancellations, and 34 suspended services.


For the period January – March 2019 the following actions were recorded in the childcare enforcement action register, which is available to view here


  • ACT: one sanction in the form of a suspension of provider approval


  • NSW: two cancellations of provider approval, one immediate suspension 


  • NT: no actions recorded 


  • QLD: no actions recorded 


  • SA; one immediate suspension of provider approval, one variation 


  • TAS: no actions recorded 


  • VIC: four provider approvals cancelled, one immediate suspension 


  • WA: no actions recorded. 


Note: Some providers may appear under more than one penalty.